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Learn To Choose Paint Colors For The Living Room That Will Transform Your Decor

ByCole Harris

May 10, 2021

And to help you in choosing the best colors for the room, we have selected some unmissable tips for each color, check out:

  1. Room colors: White

White is one of the most classic room colors, as well as being one of the best colors for painting a small room because the white color helps in the feeling of spaciousness of the environment. White has the advantage of being a neutral color that easily combines with other colors, so white is one of the best tones to compose simple room decor with several colorful details. It is very good to decorate room in white (แต่ง ห้อง สี ขาว which is the term in Thai).

  1. Room colors: Blue

Blue can be found in various shades. When blue is used in darker tones of paint colors for living room it gives the feeling of a serious and sophisticated environment, while the combination of colors for living room in light blue is a guarantee of a delicate decoration passing the feeling of calm and peace.

  1. Room colors: Pink

Like blue, pink can also be found in different shades to be used in the room color palette. The colors of living room paints in shades of pink are an excellent idea for those who want to invest in a delicate decoration with a very feminine and romantic touch, but in addition to the paint you can still invest in other elements such as pillows, rugs and decorative objects in this color.

  1. Room colors: Yellow

Yellow is a very lively and lively color, so it is one of the wall colors for the room that helps with brightness, especially when combined with a good lighting design in darker rooms, in addition, yellow also leaves the environment looking very relaxed and fun. Bet on it in the colors for cheerful room.

  1. Room colors: Red

Red is not one of the most common room colors, but knowing how to use it is a guarantee of a beautiful decoration. Red is known as the color of passion, as it is very strong and striking, so in the red room use different shades of color such as wine red and marsala color so as not to overload the decor.

  1. Room colors: Orange

Orange is one of the best living room colors for those who want to convey the feeling of a happy, fun and relaxed atmosphere. This color stimulates creativity, but because it is very striking it is also interesting to use it with other colors that are more neutral, and if you prefer you can even invest in orange in just a few details of the decoration like an orange armchair in a room all decorated in shades beige, including a 3-seater sofa.

  1. Room colors: Green

The green gives the feeling of a light and fresh environment, and can be combined with living room colors that have the most neutral tones such as white and beige. In addition, for those who want to bring a little bit of nature to the decoration of the room, the green can also be inserted through potted plants or even a vertical garden.

  1. Room colors: Purple

Do you want a very luxurious room? So, one of the best colors of paints for living room is purple, as it refers to femininity and a sophisticated style of decoration, which can be combined with neutral colors like white and beige or even with the luxurious golden tone found in furniture details such as table center, sideboard or items such as lamps and chandeliers for the living room.

  1. Room colors: Gray

Gray is on the rise and is one of the most widely used room wall colors. Passing the feeling of seriousness and intellectuality, gray can easily combine with vibrant colors like yellow and red or even with sober room colors like black, but in this second case it is important that the room is very wide.

  1. Room colors: Beige

Like white, beige is a neutral and versatile color that can be combined with several other colors for the living room. Beige gives the feeling of a classic and calm environment, perfect for those looking for a very cozy room as in the photo below where an armchair and red puff was used to bring a point of color in the environment.


By Cole Harris

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