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Southampton’s Ultra-Luxury Linden Estate Is Awaiting New Owners after Being Put Up For Sale

ByCole Harris

Oct 30, 2021

Certain segments of high-end investors are fascinated with the thought of owning a historic home or property. At some point in time, they want to live and enjoy aesthetic values that have faded long ago in metro cities. 

By buying historic properties, people are trying to keep history alive. Tim Davis is a Luxury Market leader in the Hamptons. He has 40 years of experience in selling and renting luxury homes and condos. Currently, he is also focusing on selling historic homes. 

For high-end investors, he has become a man of interest after listing the famous Linden Estate in Southampton NY in the luxury estate market. The quoted price is $69.95 million, but there could be some room for negotiations. The Linden Estate is in the middle of the lush green surroundings, enclosed within trees and other large estates. It is supposed to be the largest private estate on Ox Pasture Road.

The Linden Estate was constructed by architect Grosvenor Atterbury in 1915. The estate got its name from the specimen enchanting trees lining up the property. The estate includes an indoor and outdoor pool with slides and a waterfall. It also has various amenities like a spa, tennis court, fountain, carriage house, greenhouse, paddle court, etc. 

Why Are People Crazy about Buying Historic Homes –

Offer lots of charm and character

Historic homes are constructed in a variety of styles including Colonial, Georgian, Victorian, Mid-century, Spanish, Federal, and more. When you step inside an old-style residence, it is similar to going back in the past. From antique door knockers and ornamental fireplaces to vintage built-ins and intricate crown molding, there is a lot of interesting detailing you will adore in the historic home. To notice each detail in the vast homes can take years.

Rich in history

The historic home has its personal and interesting past. The home walls have bonded with several generations of owners, each with a unique life story. For admirers of history, living in a historic home is like a dream come true. 

You will help to keep history alive

Investing in a historic estate means you are helping to keep its past alive. You are taking the responsibility to repair and maintain the home, so its original glory stays alive. You are going to be the owner as well as preserve this historic treasure.

Top-quality construction and materials

This is the main reason that ancient-style homes are still standing. The construction is of high quality as they are generally composed of solid lumber and designed specially to handle treacherous climatic conditions. They keep outliving generations of people who live in them.

For investors prepared to enjoy the charm of buying and living in a spacious old estate the opportunity has arisen after the Linden Estate is put up on sale again. They can get in touch with Tim Davis to get the talks started.

Linden Estate in Southampton NY

160 Ox Pasture Road, Southampton, NY

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Tim Davis

Hamptons Luxury Real Estate Market Leader

24 Main Street Southampton, NY 11968




By Cole Harris

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