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Condominium: What You Should Know

ByCole Harris

Aug 24, 2021

The condominium like the Charan condo (คอนโด จรัญ which is the term in Thai) must have a book of minutes, corporate card, certificates of the deed of the horizontal property and land registry and folders containing contracts (insurance, elevators, labor, and provision of services), payments to the Tax Authority (AT) and Social Security (SS), correspondence file, documents attached to the minutes, etc.


Condominium meetings must be included in the minutes’ book. They must contain the place, day, time, 1st or 2nd call, schedule, joint owners present or represented, the content of resolutions, votes, voting direction, debtor’s joint owners (name, fraction, and amount), ending with the signature of those present and representatives.

The minutes can be an enforceable title to demand payment of the amounts owed to the condominium provided that they contain the necessary assumptions regarding the debtor and the debt.


The meetings are called by the administrator, or by joint owners representing at least 25% of the invested capital, or by joint owners who resort to an act of the administrator.

Ten days in advance, the notice is communicated by registered letter or by notice with a receipt signed by the joint owner, containing the date, time, place and schedule, and information on the matters that must be unanimously approved.

Suppose a sufficient number of joint owners do not attend, and the call is silent on another date. In that case, a new meeting is considered to be called for a week later at the same time and place, acting by a majority vote of the joint owners’ present provided that they represent at least ¼ of the total value of the building.

Rental Of Porteira’s House

Suppose the condominium decides to lease the house from the gate, allow antennas on the roof, or advertise on the building walls. In that case, the administrator must issue income receipts and annually deliver to each condominium the declaration with their share of the property income.

Majority Formation

In an assembly of joint owners, to take valid deliberations, the law requires different types of majorities.

To change the charter, the unanimity of the joint owners is required.

To determine the closure of a Local Accommodation unit, votes of more than half of the building’s permilation are required.

The carrying out of works that modify the architectural line of the building or constitute innovations are only possible with a representative majority of 2/3 of the total value of the building. Still, with at least eight fractions, it depends on approval by a majority (more than half) to place elevators and install piped gas.

If the charter does not specify the end of each fraction, the alteration of its use requires a 2/3 majority of the total value of the building.

Charges for services of common interest are determined by a 2/3 majority of the total value of the building.

The division of fractions into new fractions is only possible if there is no opposition.

By Cole Harris

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