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Materials that can be disposed of in Concrete Dumpsters

ByCole Harris

Jun 1, 2021

Dumpsters are a very handy tool when it comes to the disposal of wastes on domestic as well as commercial levels. Especially, their utility on the commercial scale is even more in Phoenix where they are used on construction sites to dispose of concrete and other potent wastes. Because of their ability to handle the excessive construction waste and dispose it of effectively, contractors consider hiring Concrete Dumpster Rental in Phoenix AZ. These help them in keeping the site clean and avoid potential dangers. Here are some of the materials that can be disposed of in these dumpsters.

Clean concrete

This is the concrete material from the construction site that is devoid of excessive trash material, metallic substances, and wastes like wood, roots, etc. It also contains contaminants and chemicals like paints, however, concrete having being painted is usually considered clean until and unless the paint is not lead-based.

Bricks and Asphalt

These bricks come out as a result of breaking the block pavements and make pretty heavy waste materials that can be potentially dangerous if handled loosely. Asphalt is another material used for the construction process and demands clearance and disposal from the site to avoid contamination of the place.

Concrete with metals

Usually, when an existing structure has to be demolished for newer construction, the existing concrete material contains a lot of metal. This concrete containing rebar and other metallic items is required to be hauled away to clean the place and make it safer for working. The disposal rate for this material will be higher as the metal will be required to be extracted from the concrete before disposal.

A heavy mixture of Debris

Debris material from the construction sites can contain all the material from the above three categories and therefore are allowed to be dumped together in the dumpsters. However, the disposal rate will be required to be higher and faster.

By Cole Harris

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