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Nan Inc. – A Leading Construction Company in Hawaii

ByCole Harris

Apr 2, 2021

There are only a handful of construction companies in Hawaii that have managed to achieve early success in a short span of time as Nan Inc. has done. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, it was single-handedly founded by Patrick Shin, originally named Nan Chul Shin, who had moved from South Korean to the United States. Nan Inc. was established in 1990, which means that it has been around for almost 30 years, which is considered relatively young in the construction industry. They have dealt with more than 2,600 construction projects and have achieved remarkable success. 

The company has managed to deliver an outstanding service in the fields of pre-construction, design-build and general construction. Therefore, Nan Inc. is listed in the top ten construction firms that can be found in Hawaii today. It couldn’t have happened without the dedication and hard work of one Patrick Shin, who had started it with just one employee. Like any other company, Nan Inc. had to deal with a world of challenges and had gotten very small projects in the beginning. However, what you need to know about Patrick Shin is that he was committed to becoming number 1 in the construction industry. 

It is due to his efforts that Nan Inc. has become a renowned name in the construction industry of Hawaii, with more than 500 employees working on a variety of projects. The company possesses high-end technical expertise, a reliable and capable team, along with rich resources. They take advantage of all of these to help others in realizing their dream. There have been some major developments and constructions in Hawaii over the last three decades and Nan Inc. has played an important role in these. The credit of the success of the company goes to its owner, who has been working hard since the first day.

Nan Inc. has managed some of the most complex construction projects and it has done so with accuracy and professionalism, which has helped the company in gaining recognition. It has also received various awards and certifications over the years for its advanced technical knowledge and brilliant teamwork. The Hawaii construction management company is known for handling multiple million-dollar projects simultaneously and does so without incurring any delays or issues. They deliver exceptional performance at the end of the day due to their high level of management experience, which results in complete customer satisfaction. From modern renovations to historical upgrades, Nan Inc. can accomplish it all. 

By Cole Harris

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